IVU delivers its 10,000th on-board computer

Berlin, 19 December 2017 – When the Dutch Connexxion concession Amstelland-Meerlanden (AML) received its new buses on 10 December 2017, one of them was an extra-special model: a Solaris Urbino 18 arrived at the depot with the 10,000th IVU.ticket.box. IVU’s on-board computer is a truly long-running product. Easy-to-use and with an award-winning design, the device class has been setting standards since back in 2011. As a digital control centre, the on-board computer handles everything that happens on the bus. With the IVU.cockpit control software, it helps the driver, maintains contact with the control centre, informs passengers, controls the vehicle environment, assesses the timetable situation and finally forwards all data to central controlling. The IVU.ticket application calculates the ticket price, prints tickets in a tamper-proof way, enables cashless payment and validates e-tickets. As a result, the IVU.ticket.box ensures a continuous flow of data – whether it is integrated in the products of the IVU.suite or combined with other systems. The IVU.ticket.box remains state-of-the-art to this day. Although the system looks virtually unchanged, the engineers have constantly enhanced it on the inside over the years. New technology and up-to-date software make the on-board computer fit for increasing requirements. The engineers showed foresight even when the product was launched: the integrated touch screen can be flexibly adapted and is easy to operate amid the hectic activity of a driver’s working day. For this and for its functional, robust design that blends in with every cockpit, the IVU.ticket.box won the prestigious red dot design award. In the meantime, the 10,000 buses with the IVU computer are on the road throughout Europe and in South America. The IVU.ticket.box is characterised by its versatility in particular. For instance, it was recently made compatible with debit and credit cards. Following a successful pilot project last year, IVU is currently equipping 1,125 buses of the Dutch Transdev subsidiary Connexxion with the IVU.ticket.box so that passengers can also have the option of cashless payment when boarding in future. “We are committed to developing systems with and for our customers. One of the results is the IVU.ticket.box, which meets transport operators’ requirements in an optimum way – 10,000 units sold impressively demonstrates this,” says Matthias Rust, COO of IVU Traffic Technologies. “I'm especially pleased that the milestone model has gone to Connexxion, with whom we successfully tested and launched the latest upgrade for card payment. Consequently, the IVU.ticket.box is ideally equipped for the future.”
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Firmenporträt:IVU Traffic Technologies AG has been working for over 40 years with more than 400 engineers to ensure punctual and reliable transport in the world’s metropolises. In growing cities, people and vehicles are constantly on the move – a logistical challenge that calls for intelligent and secure software systems. The integrated standard products of the IVU.suite work to plan, optimise and control the deployment of buses and trains, provide passengers with real-time information, create routes for parcel delivery services, and support businesses in choosing branch locations. IVU. FACILITATING PUBLIC TRANSPORT.
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