Flexible ticketing in Schweinfurt

Berlin/Schweinfurt, 11 October 2017 – Straightforward, flexible, customised – Stadtwerke Schweinfurt’s flexi-ticket was launched at the start of August. IVU.suite by IVU Traffic Technologies is the basis for the new e-ticketing system. Until recently, people in Schweinfurt still had to buy block tickets when getting on the bus, but since August, they can travel using one of the most advanced e-ticketing systems in the country. Thanks to the new flexi-tickets, customers have maximum flexibility with complete control over cost, whether they use the bus only once a month or every day. Place the chip card on the scanner when boarding, wait for the beep and it’s done. No more searching for small change and no more waiting for the ticket to be issued. This is made possible by the integrated products of IVU.suite. The 52 buses used by Stadtwerke Schweinfurt employ the IVU.ticket.box on-board computer as a scanner. In addition, it records the vehicle data and transmits them to the traffic control centre, which has also just been set up. There, the dispatchers monitor traffic, now with the help of IVU.fleet. At the same time, the passenger information system IVU.realtime provides the stop indicators with current departure times. Automated interfaces seamlessly connect the IVU system to the subscription processing and accounting of Lufthansa Industry Solutions. A tightly intermeshed system of IVU.fare and Patris Office automatically records how often a passenger has travelled and calculates the discounted price. “The new e-ticketing system is a milestone,” says Ulrich Lapp, head of the Public Transport and Automotive Engineering department at Stadtwerke Schweinfurt. “With it, our customers receive a straightforward and flexible system that is adapted specifically to their individual needs. With this service, we are setting a benchmark for the whole of Germany.” Alongside the technical implementation, IVU also took on the complete design process in Schweinfurt. “We have designed and planned the entire system together with Stadtwerke Schweinfurt,” explains Andreas Hellwig, responsible division manager at IVU, “and then supplied it ready for use.” IVU has a vast amount of expertise in e-ticketing. Stadtwerke Münster, among others, has already implemented the similarly designed FlexAbo with IVU’s standard system.
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