Optical Imaging Market - Growth, Trends, COVID-19 Impact, and Forecasts (2021 - 2026)

Optical imaging offers the potential to differentiate among soft tissues, and between the affected tissues. This ability of optical imaging to differentiate among the healthy and infectious tissues is creating a huge opportunity, in the medical diagnosis industry. - Furthermore, optical imaging uses non-ionizing radiation, which significantly reduces patient radiation exposure, compared to other harmful effects of radiation-based imaging. This feature allows the patient for repeated studies over time. - However, the market growth is restricted by factors, such as stringent regulatory approval procedures, high costs of instruments, scarcity of skilled operators, and insufficient reimbursements policies for the optical imaging procedures. Free Sample report for this report is available :- Optical Imaging Market Size, Share, Growth, Trends, Forecast (statzyreports.com) Key Market Trends Oncology Offers Potential Growth - Cancer is a worldwide health-care concern that is steadily growing. According to IARC, by 2030, an annual incidence and mortality of 21.7 and 13 million cancer cases, respectively, are expected. This increase is attributed to an aging population, a greater prevalence of obesity, and environmental factors. Furthermore, women are more prone to cancer, with breast cancer as the leading cause of cancer death. - Many cancers arise from the epithelium of hollow organs and ducts, including breast, colon, esophagus, head and neck, lung, pancreas, and stomach. This thin layer of highly metabolic tissue can be thoroughly and rapidly evaluated in the clinic, using methods of optical imaging techniques. These methods offer a number of advantages for real-time cancer detection, particularly in the epithelium of hollow organs and ducts, by using a broad spectral range of light that spans from visible to near-infrared. - This emerging methodology is clinically useful for early cancer detection, by identifying and localizing suspicious lesions that may not otherwise be seen, and serves as a guide for tissue biopsy and surgical resection. They are also useful to determine the best choice of therapy, and to monitor efficacy. - Therefore, the aforementioned factors are expected to help in curing cancer, which may result in the creation of a huge demand for optical imaging, worldwide. Asia-Pacific to Witness the Fastest Growth - The Asia-Pacific region is expected to be the fastest-growing market, with enormous possibilities. According to a report published by the department of neurology, it is estimated that out of the current population of 13.5 billion, approximately 30 million people suffer from neurological disorders, in India. - Thus, owing to the huge patient pool, a faster adaptation of healthcare technology, government initiatives to increase the healthcare quality, availability of favorable insurance policies, and market growth may be accelerated during the forecast period, owing to which the optical image market may have a positive outlook. - Furthermore, due to the lower cost of clinical trials and favoring government policies, key players have been setting up their regional headquarters and manufacturing plants in emerging economies, like Singapore, China, Korea, and India, which make a positive growth curve in the optical imaging market, in future. Competitive Landscape The optical imaging market is fragmented, due to the presence of many international players. Canon Inc., Topcon Corporation, Abbott Laboratories, are some of the major players operating in the global optical imaging market. Most of these players constantly innovate and develop technologically advanced optical imaging devices and systems, to maintain their position in the global market. - May 2019 - The optical society said that the researchers developed a new compact, fiber-based imaging spectrometer for remote sensing that can capture 30,000 sampling points, and each containing more than 60 wavelengths. This rich spectral information, combined with high spatial resolution, provides valuable insight into the chemical makeup of a scene or sample. The new spectrometer acquires spectral information instantaneously, without requiring any scanning. This allows it to image quickly-changing objects, such as moving targets or changing imaging conditions. Reasons to Purchase this report: - The market estimate (ME) sheet in Excel format - 3 months of analyst support
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