Taiwan is Leaning to the Forefront of Global Medical Technology and E-Health

Whether in preventive medicine, telemedicine or artificial intelligence, Taiwan is emerging as a global leader of e-health and medical technology at a fast pace. Thanks to extensive research and technical know-how, the island nation in East Asia is shining with its innovations to become the industry's own superpower. The motivation for Taiwan's innovative strength is primarily based on the needs of other countries. Due to the increasing demand for elderly care, e-health and health care, the global market for medical devices will experience continuous growth, according to BMI. Bio- and medical technology, supported by research institutions, is one of the six strategic core industries that already make Taiwan a decisive force in the global economy. With the United States, the EU and Japan, the growing giant is tapping into its main lucrative export markets within the existing global players, pointing the way to the future. Since the emergence of COVID-19, Taiwanese companies have taken the initiative to drive the development of three key areas: preventive medicine, telemedicine (with real-time diagnostics) based on 5G networks, and smart healthcare - the digital revolution in healthcare. Accordingly, it will have an influence on expectations when Kevin Sung, Director of Marketing & Business Development Division at Insight Medical Solutions Inc, introduces the wired, magnet-assisted capsule endoscope, whose responsiveness generates real-time. Also, when Sales Director Jerry Li of Wincomm Corporation introduces the company’s antibacterial aluminum housing, which is designed to curb MRSA bacteremias emerging in hospitals, to name two examples that will be featured during MEDICA. The European Union is already promoting the use of advanced telemedicine. The European market holds the second-largest share of the global market in this, after the United States. Key factors driving growth opportunities in Europe are the aging population, socioeconomic circumstances, rapidly growing Eastern European economies, and the increase in infections and chronic diseases across the continent. Because of the use of minimally invasive devices, multifunctional coating systems with antimicrobial agents are another groundbreaking trend that Taiwan's companies are producing at a considerable level. The full scope is likely to be made clear to us by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) press conference on November 15 at the Düsseldorf exhibition center. This internationally renowned platform, which will present the top products of four companies that have won the prestigious "Taiwan Excellence Award", has long been regarded by experts as a recognized yardstick for top-quality product innovations. The featured four companies will be joined by twelve other companies from Taiwan at this year's MEDICA from November 14 to 17 to present a total of 25 award-winning products. Visitors are invited to enter into dialog with representatives of the companies.
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